The exhibitions consists of more than 200 tin toys collected by Manuel Rives from Spain.  It was extended by more than 40 paper automata and movable books from my collection.


Overall view of three papermechanic show cases and eight models on socles  which can be moved by visitors

Show-case with models by  Keith Newstead, Klaus Hünig and J.F. Schreiber-Verlag

The big model "Stormy Sea" made of  corrugated cardboard has a height of nearly 3 m and is placed in the museums's entrance

to the top

Show-case with models by Peter Markey, Magdalen Bear, Robert Ives, the Imagerie d'Epinal Pellerin and Walter Ruffler

Show-case with models from the Bärenpresse, Verlag Gustav Kühn/Neuruppin, the Atelier GAG, Magdalen Bear, Aiken Drum and Walter Ruffler

The entrance of the  Übersee-Museum