Paper Model Showroom

On 24th of October 2004 the paper model showroom of the company Walter Ruffler Paper Machines was opened in the Stresemannstraße 39 in Bremen.

You can see more than 200 paper automata from all over the world, powered by sand, hot air, compressed air, elastic bands, push and pull mechanisms and cranks. Beside this you can see movable books (pop-ups) and static paper models, for example the burial chamber of the pharaoh Tutankhamun, a Roman fort, a medieval castle, a Swiss village and the old hydroelectric power station in Bremen.  You can also see a proposal for a window display of empty retail shops with the subject "The ancient Egyptians".

Guided tours are possible with appointment:
Tel/Fax 0049 - 421-74421  E-Mail
: walterruffler@aol.com


Coffee and cake

Mechanical Santa Claus

All about Egypt

Tomb of Tutankhamun

Exploding nuclear power station

Interested visitors

General view

Castles and Swiss  village