"...wie geschmiert!"
Kabinett der Mechanik - Maschinen aus Papier

Exhibition in the Industry Museum Delmenhorst
from 11th Dec 2005 till 29th Jan 2006

You can see the fascinating variety of  paper automata today and once: 200 mechanical devices, mechanical sculptures and movable books from all over the world. The oldest exhibits are made out of construction sheets from the 19th century.

Eye catcher is a large steam engine out of corrugated cardboard. The flywheel is moved by a crank and drives three green pulleys by belts of corrugated cardboard. A crank moves the piston rod with the piston to and fro and moves also the arm of the  mechanic. Some pictures show the construction of the steam engine.

A bearing of the crankshaft. The brass
is a tube of plastic

Section with the crakshaft-bearing

Making the flywheel


Making the piston

Three assembled sections of
the frame

The steam engine in the turbine house

The mechanic moves the oiler

Stripes of corrugated cardboard
work like cog belts