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1. Useful adresses where you can find out more about mechanical models:

Robert Addams in Great Britain explains how to design automata and shows very nice examples.

Ed Bertschy has designed a paper steam engine which can be moved by compressed air. The download is free.

Malcolm Brook creates mechanical poetry.

Tim Bullock is paper engineer and you can find wonderful paper automata on his website (www.cool4cats.biz).

Cabaret Mechanical Theatre in London is a Museum of Automata (Mechanical Sculpture): www.cabaret.co.uk.

Guiseppe (Pino) Civitarese from Italy constructs mechanical paper sculptures (www.paperpino.net).

Falk Keuten's blog "Spiel und Kunst mit Mechanik" (game and art with mechanics) ist worth a visit (http://spielundkunstmitmecha.apps-1and1.net).

Martin Graf's edition 8x8 is a laboratory for paper automata and pop-ups: www.edition8x8.de.

Neil Hardy makes "Fabulous Animals" out of wood, metal and other materials.

Robert Ives makes mechanical paper models.

Kineticus is a site for kinetic art by Bernward Frank: (www.kineticus.com).

Keith Newstead lives in Cornwall (Great Britain) and makes mechanical sculptures from metal, wood and paper (www.keithnewsteadautomata.com).

Dug North in the USA produces mechanical wooden sculptures (www.dugnorth.com).

The Modern Automata Museum in Montopoli near Rome/Italy collects 200 automata approx., made by artists from Japan, USA, Germany, Great Britain, France, Canada, South America and Italy (www.modernautomatamuseum.com).

Sandrine Sheon designs erotic paper automata (www.worldupsidedown.com).

Tinguely-Museum in Basel/Switzerland exhibits the estate of the Swiss kinetic artist Jean Tinguely.

Dan Torpey in the USA constructs whimsical moving creations (automata).

Hanns-Martin Wagner in Switzerland designs rolling ball sculptures and shows a long list of links about themes like rolling ball sculptures, whimsical machines, mechanical sculptures, automata and kinetic art on his homepage.

Kevin Wright's wonderful clockwork automata.

2. Here you can order all kinds of paper cutouts:


Atelier GAG. Papiermodelle und Bastelbögen (Fritz König), Schnoor 31, D - 28203 Bremen,
Tel. 0049 - 421 - 32 74 63

www.baerenpresse.de (Bärenpresse, Halle/Westfalen)

www.kartonmodellbau.de (Quellshop von fentens productions und HMV-Hamburger Modellbaubogen-Verlag)

www. racepaper.de (Volker Preikschat, Bremen, designs cars out of paper)

Great Britain

www.arcturuspublishing.com (Arcturus-Verlag, London)

www.cabaret.co.uk (Cabaret Mechanical Theatre, London)

www.flying-pig.co.uk (Robert Ives)

www.heritage-models.co.uk (Roger Pattenden designs architecture-models)

www.marcle.co.uk (Marcle Models)

www.papershipwright.co.uk (David Hathaway designs ships out of paper)

www.tarquinbooks.com (Tarquin-Publications)

www.usborne.com (Usborne-Publications)


www.icebergbouwplaten.nl (Peter Visser's Iceberg Publications sales architecture- and postcard-models, on his website you will find a lot of links)


www.bildrum.se (Gunnar Sillèn)


www.doverpublications.com (Dover-Publications)


www.papermodels.net (Paper Models International)

www.fiddlersgreen.net (Chip Fyn's paper models)