Transforming Motion

      The rotation of the handle is transformed by gears into the intended movement of the model. The following devices are to be used:

                      The crank slider transforms a rotation into a combined motion up and down and from side to side. It is the main drive  by Off Road, Stormy Sea, Good Fishing, Amazon-Warrior and Fire-Dragon.

crank slider

oscillating lever

An oscillating lever transforms rotary motion in an oscillating motion. The neck of the Parlamentarian is an oscillating lever of the first order which is linked by a connecting rod with the rotating crank.
There is another version of oscillating lever without a connecting rod between crank and lever. In this version a crankpin is rotating in a longated hole of the lever to move it, see Olympia 2000.

oscillating lever


The ratchet transforms a continuous rotation into a stepped or intermittant motion. In the model The Representative the ratchet moves one notch by each turn of the crank, so the arm lifts step by step.
A friction wheel can change the direction and the frequency of a  motion. Combined with two cams you can transform the continuous rotation of the drive shaft into a reciprocating motion of the output shaft, see Wimbledon  and the head-drive of To Fly a Kite.

friction wheel

      Strings are supporting the main motion of some models by lifting and lowering parts of the model, see Good Fishing, Fire-Dragon and To Fly aKite.

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