Paper Models that Move - 14 Ingenious Automata, and More
by Walter Ruffler




The book contains 24 pages of theory and 14 construction kits. You can assemble eight function models and six paper automata.

With examples the book describes the importance of a good conception for constructing a convincing mechanical sculpture. There are basic tips for working with paper and for constructing the parts. The book demonstrates the function of cranks, levers, cams, ratchet wheels, friction wheels and gear wheels for the transformation of a rotation into the intended movement of the model.  

The following construction kits are part of the book:

1. Crank Slider
2. Oscillating Lever
3. Friction Transfer
4. Meshing Gearwheels
5. Ratchet
6. Cams & Friction wheel
7. Cam & Pushrod
8.   Cam & Lever
9.   Happy Birthday
10. At the Duck's Pond
11. Pyramid Lifter
12. The Weight of Bureaucracy
13. Pianist
14. Gymnast or

Have a look at my pianist in action:

These movies were posted by the automata expert Falk Keuten. The automaton's kit is part of my new book "Paper Models That Move. 14 Ingenious Automata, and More".