Roland of Bremen

Roland is a symbol of  the old Hanseatic town Bremen.  Since 1404 the historic original stands on the market place of Bremen - though without horse. A giant of 5,50 m, made of sandstone, a smile on his lips and with a superb head of hair. His name comes from a vassal of emperor Charlemagne, Duke Roland of Brittany, who in 778 lost his life in the Pyrenees fighting with the Basques.

- Crank mechanism
- Size: 18 x 6 x 28 cm
- 3 construction sheets DIN A 4
- Price: 10.00 Euro
- Code WR023

The rotation of the crank is transformed into the movement of horse and horseman by a crank slider. The horse rears, the Roland straightens up in his saddle and raises his sword. The left foreleg of the horse and the sword raising arm are moved by strings.