Silent Night

A sledge pulled by reindeers is  no longer up-to-date, the global way of life has some consequences also for Santa Claus. Time is money and the motorization cannot be stopped - despite rising prices for gas and increasing pollution: it´s Christmas time.

- Crank mechanism
- Size: 14 x 6 x 25 cm
- 4 construction sheets DIN A 4
- Price: 10.00 Euro
- Code  WR002

The motorbike is lifted in the front, then the rear wheel lifts - it gets over the imaginary obstacle until turning the crank will cause the next jump.

This model works in the same way as "Off Road". The handle moves a crank slider. The free end of this lever is connected with Santa Claus and carries out an elliptic movement. So driver and machine are making a jumping movement.