Exhibition in Verden

The Exhibition shows more than 200 paper automata from all over the world, and some flat-mechanical objects and toy books. The exhibition area is 100 m². The virtual tour gives an impression of the situation in Verden. When you are interested in special models you should have a look at the Gallery of Paper Mechanics on this website. The exhibition consists of the following chapters:

  1. Construction and Assembly
  2. Transformation of Movement
  3. Sand powered Models
  4. Models moved by hot Air
  5. Pneumatic Drive
  6. Technical Models
  7. Paper Automata from Denmark
  8. Paper Automata from France
  9. Paper Automata from England
10. Paper Automata from Germany
11. Paper Automata from Japan
12. Toy Books

Computer-Presentation with 60 Animations

Infomation-desk with catalogues and books